SC05. Best of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

This award recognises companies that excelled in supporting diversity and inclusion and how they fostered an environment of authentic respect and trust in the workplace.

SC04. Best Learning & Development

This award recognises organisations that create, promote, and foster a learning culture and environment that values development, drives engagement, and empowers employees to hone and advance their skills through ongoing professional development with growth opportunities for all employees.

SC03. Best Innovative and Sustainable Workplace

This award recognises an office that builds a sustainably innovative environment that safeguards the health, safety, and well-being of its employees as well as encourages and improves collaboration and employee engagement.

SC02. Best Employee Engagement (NEW)

This award recognises companies that are committed to driving employee engagement and fostering a culture of inclusion and belonging within their organisation.

SC01. Best Career Development

This award recognises a company for its dedication to career development and professional growth, enabling employees to take advantage of new opportunities, enhance their strengths, develop knowledge and skills, and improve their capabilities.