dentsu Taiwan

Dentsu deserves the “”Best Place to Work”” award for its exceptional commitment to employee development, innovation, and societal impact. The company prioritizes people-centered transformations that instill a deep sense of purpose among its employees. By aligning business strategy with personal growth through goal setting, feedback, and reviews, Dentsu fosters a positive culture that empowers individuals to reach their full potential.

This dedication to employee learning & development has led to reduced attrition rates and increased engagement. Dentsu’s market share retention, No.1 ranking in RECMA, and winning over 251 domestic and international awards in 2022, including recognition at the Cannes Lions Festival in 2023 as the only Taiwanese company, underscore the company’s strength and success.

With its focus on growth, innovation, and employee well-being, Dentsu exemplifies the qualities of an outstanding company, making it a deserving recipient of the prestigious “”Best Place to Work”” award.