Globe Telecom

As a leader in corporate sustainability, Globe believes that crucial in its environmental efforts is starting from within. As of January 2023, 24 of the company’s high-energy utilization facilities nationwide have shifted to clean energy.

It leverages innovative technologies to care for both the environment and its employees. Globe’s main headquarters The Globe Tower (TGT) is LEED-certified and operates with energy-efficient features like cold air recovery and motion sensors. It also has multiple meeting rooms and multifunction areas per floor, all retrofitted for videoconferencing and hybrid work.

Globe recently launched a partnership with Comet Electric Vehicle (EV) to provide hassle-free shuttle services for employees, which not only cares for the employees but also reduces CO2 emissions from private vehicle use.

Globe’s commitment to sustainability, employee well-being, and innovation go hand-in-hand to drive its success. By 2030, it aims to upgrade infrastructure and adopt more environmentally-sound technologies.