In a world of flux, we’ve made it our mission at Mastercard Asia Pacific to unlock priceless possibilities for all by acting as a Force for Good. Enabled by our culture of decency and the Mastercard Way, we endeavor to Grow, Diversify, and Build to make prosperity possible for both our customers and our people.

When the pandemic disrupted our high-touch social settings, we transitioned to high-tech experiences to keep our teams connected with each other and the world. We elevated our virtual experiences and integrated innovation into our communication with Mastercard’s own game show, audiograms, podcasts, and more.

We committed to Doing Well by Doing Good by empowering our communities and enabling our employees to own Priceless Careers by facilitating a lifetime of learning and growth. We rewarded them for doing good, took care of their wellbeing by formalizing flexible ways of working and implemented wellbeing on-demand.