Sling & Stone

Sling & Stone is the go-to agency for communications professionals wanting to tell the stories of the most ambitious brands shaping the way we live, work and play. We’re known for our laser focused vision — to be the best communications agency for challengers and disruptors — and we’re not afraid to say no to brands that don’t fit our mission or ignite the passion of our people. We’ve built a culture that is a true meritocracy; every Slinger has a voice to share ideas that shape our agency. Our people are our best asset, so attracting, developing and nurturing diverse talent is our number 1 focus. In 2022-23 our people and culture programs have seen us:
Overhaul training to strengthen core skills development;
Invest 3,716 hours in learning and development;
Promote 51 people;
Partner with organisations to support greater diversity & inclusion in the agency and industry;
Facilitate career ambitions with international transfers.