SOCIETY is a female-owned, independent, superior performance agency, with an honest approach to PR, Media Relations and Influencers.

The way we live, work and play is influenced by the communities around us, driven by the possibility of what we can create, and how we can give back to society.

Recently, we’ve shone a light on women’s mental health, announced a B Corp Certification for a global multi-national, launched our in-house SOCIETY STUDIOS, launched Australia’s first rocket with NASA, and delivered a regional business roadshow to support Aussie SMEs tackle current economic conditions.

SOCIETY is challenging our industry to be more ‘people’ obsessed and capture attention in a depleting attention economy. Clients choose us because of our fresh ideas that are purpose-built for business impact, and because we live and breathe the markets in which we operate.


We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and we are always looking for ways to extend those impacts as we grow as a company. We don’t settle for mere diverse representation; DEI is integrated into every aspect of our business, considering employees, customers, and communities. Our commitment to inclusivity is demonstrated by the active role each Amazonian plays in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. We prioritize respect and dignity, by valuing both inclusivity and equity, we go beyond just providing equal opportunities to everyone, but also actively working towards removing systemic barriers.
To innovate for our customers, we need the perspectives and knowledge of people from diverse backgrounds.
We believe building an open and inclusive culture is essential to helping people do their best work and to what we want to achieve as a company.