Zeno Group Singapore

Adapting workplace learning in the time of coronavirus has been essential for our businesses across Asia. Led by the Singapore team, Zeno has carefully crafted a training and development program that ensured we did not press pause when it came to the needs of our people. Collaborating with leaders and working with managers, a thoughtful response to digital learning was quickly addressed in Singapore. From Zeno LIFT to Growth & Innovation 8 programs, the content and blueprint produced has not only benefitted Zeno Singapore but used by our teams across Asia. Ultimately, the quick and considerate response to online learning has not only given our team development opportunities and improved learning overall but served as a beacon through this challenging period.

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson has been committed to caring for people since its founding in 1886. Guided by Our Credo, we strive to provide an inclusive work environment for everyone. Diversity Equity & Inclusion at J&J is not just a commitment—it’s the reality of how we live and work. Supported by leadership team at all levels, J&J provides abundant information, resources, tools, platforms and networks to promote and live the DE&I culture. Aside from multiple initiatives, J&J China also introduced Employee Resource Groups including – Women Leadership & Inclusion, Open & Out, Generation NOW, Alliance for Diverse Abilities – to support employees’ engagement and access for mentorship, connections and development. J&J embeds DE&I culture throughout talent recruitment, career development and retention, and cares about employees’ physical, mental and financial health and wellbeing. Our efforts and achievements have been recognized both internally via employee surveys and externally with various awards and recognitions.


At Mastercard, inclusion and diversity are about more than bringing together people with different backgrounds. It’s an understanding that when we create meaningful connections, inspire acceptance, and cultivate a culture where we all belong, we are a better team — one that makes better decisions, drives innovation and delivers better business results. By developing regional & functional inclusion action plans, we ensure our work is relevant across the world, focusing on priorities where we have the most opportunity, and holding leaders accountable for driving year-on-year progress. The diversity and skill sets of our people underpin everything we do. This is how we define and drive the culture of decency that makes us a place where the best people want to work.


The PR industry is renowned for its challenging work life,which has gone up a notch with the pandemic. Yet Edelman India continues to empower, engage, and enrich its employees.We believe that a healthy work-life balance is the hallmark of a great institution.We enable employees to be resilient, giving them the time and space, they need to manage work and life – even amidst the pandemic, when much has changed. Technology has pervaded all aspects of work and life. There is more thrust on a culture of transparency and assistance than ever before. What has not changed is Edelman’s commitments to its values – the relentless pursuit of excellence, the freedom to be constantly curious, the courage to do the right thing, and the commitment to positively impact society. These are the pillars of its growth story and will continue to guide its leadership to invest in its people.


COVID-19 challenged multinational corporations like LinkedIn to manage, engage, and inspire employees in new ways. With more than 240 employees based in Beijing, the LinkedIn China management team strived to support its local employees while also fulfilling its role as a part of the global company. Bearing ‘Talent First’ as the guiding principle, LinkedIn prioritized employee wellness and engagement, while maintaining business operations. The Beijing team developed a comprehensive employee communication and support strategy, keeping employees informed, connected, and inspired to demonstrate its culture and value. Sufficient and instant support was provided to all employees to promptly meet employees’ needs over the past 16 months. The joint effort of the entire Beijing Office delivered well beyond expectations.


Mastercard boasts a truly robust and extensive employee support program and benefits plan. Our employee benefits plan leads the industry in many cases. The company adapted quickly in the face of the global crisis and rolled out new initiatives and commitments to better support employees during these challenging times. Mastercard’s CEO also made a promise to all employees in 2020 that there will be no layoffs and no pay cuts. Our overarching priority is about putting employees’ safety and security first. Beyond that, the company believes in helping employees achieve a work-life balance and more than just saying it, implemented organization-wide initiatives and invested in resources to make it happen. While the global crisis is very fluid, one thing we’re certain of is that flexibility will be key – being willing to adjust and always thinking about what’s next.