Mastercard Asia Pacific

At Mastercard Asia Pacific, we believe in driving impact through our actions. Enabled by our scale and reach, we’ve concentrated our sustainability efforts at the intersection of People, Planet and Prosperity to positively impact our environment and the communities in which we operate.

We have been internationally recognized for exceeding regional sustainability standards and we are continuously evolving our business practices, and empowering our customers, employees, partners, and merchants to transform theirs to contribute collectively and meaningfully towards reducing the carbon intensity of our operations. We’ve decarbonized our supply chain, equipped our consumers with tools to measure their net carbon emissions, and continue to build sustainable payment solutions that meet both cost and integrity targets.

To maximize our impact, we launched a new compensation model tying our company’s ESG performance to our employee bonuses and updated our workspace design to foster collaboration, flexibility, and achieve better resource utilization.


In the last two years, the pandemic has prompted new habits and changed many aspects of life, especially the way businesses operate. Many companies are feeling the impact of the pandemic, including employees. This occurrence became a challenge and an opportunity for Tokopedia, especially in presenting a platform that can be relied upon to meet people’s daily needs from home, while still paying attention to the safety and comfort of all employees.

Seeing these conditions, Tokopedia under the People team must be adaptive in planning policies to protect employees both from the sustainability of their livelihoods and company operations so that they remain safe, comfortable, and productive as a high-trust, high-performance team.

One of Tokopedia’s focus priority is in keeping all employees safe physically and mentally throughout their careers. This is done by building the Tokopedia Health Ecosystem, community engagement and engaging activities to keep employees sane while also productive.